Automation and the Female Body – A Warning on Women’s Day

In my unfinished series of articles I may never publish on this blog, I calculated that misogyny was mollified, to some degree, by the fact that men and women must necessarily coexist in close proximity. Social bonds such as parentage play a role, but also the biological necessity of female reproductive systems, and for many men, relationships or at least sexual intercourse.

Elsewhere, I discussed that the reconstruction era of the United States was botched in that it failed to address the economic divide between rich white people and poor black people. The rich whites had been deprived of their income via slavery, but they still possessed their riches and their land. Meanwhile black people were left to ‘make their own fortunes’.

Since the rich and poor white people still maintained prejudiced attitudes, the poor white people now saw black people as direct competition for the same jobs. Meanwhile the rich white people, many of whom had been banned from seeking office, saw their former subjects rising to political prominence and began to consider them a threat.

The white south, rich and poor, begun suppressing the potential power of black people, by keeping them harassed and terrified, removing them from political office or even running them out of communities entirely.

Although it may not have escalated to the level of genocide, parallels can be made to the approach of the Nazis towards Jewish people. Keep them suppressed and terrified, run them out of Germany, and then ultimately exterminate them.

Yes, okay, fair enough, but what about the topic at hand? Sorry, but I have some more to talk about before we get there.

A lot of fuss has been made by many people, including myself, about the looming threat of automation. This has been a potential concern since the beginning of the industrial era. However, in the past, people, vast numbers of people, have been necessary to operate the machines which might otherwise replace them.

Now, with increasingly sophisticated machinery and computers, manual labour is being phased out completely. Without a comprehensive, global, social security network including advanced schooling, large sections of the human population will become obsolete. No longer useful for exploitation, they turn from an asset into a threat. Unscrupulous members of the world’s elite have already been ramping up prejudice against foreigners and the poor in recent decades. The consequences could be disastrous. The thing is, this issue has been raised and discussed by many people. Including influential and powerful people such as Bill Gates. They may be happy to exploit labour but the potential for death on a massive scale is far beyond many people’s moral compasses, for the moment.

What hasn’t been addressed is how this automation might affect women. Although prejudice against women in various forms still permeates our society, feminism no matter how distorted has been a bulwark against this. The more women value their own existence, and value other women, the more men have to at least make an attempt at respecting women in order to maintain positive relationships with the women in their lives.

Most men are heterosexual and have a sex drive stimulated by the media and society which pushes them into at least some interaction with women. Mainstream feminists are invested in leveraging this drive in order to maintain and raise female worth in men’s eyes. If women demand respect from their partners, and men are driven to become partners, then men will necessarily be compelled to respect women. This is, perhaps, one reason why mainstream feminism is so “sex positive”, and why many people think sexuality gives women power over men.

Sexuality gives women power over men the same way that slavery gave black people power over white people. It made them useful.

If scientists can develop entirely artificial wombs, women will no longer have to undergo pregnancy in order to have children. And if scientists can develop entirely artificial egg cells, men will no longer have to partner with a woman in order to have a child. Similarly, if engineers can make robots which replace manual labour entirely, it’s not a big step from there to making servant bots and sex bots. Why would a misogynist go to the effort of getting a girlfriend who they might have to treat with respect when they can buy a robot which can do all the things they value a woman for, and they never have to care about its feelings?

The female body has been exploited for centuries for its reproductive capabilities, both for entertainment and for the purposes of producing offspring. We may, in the near future, bear witness to the end of such exploitation.

The end of women’s usefulness in a society dominated by men will lead to suppression followed by extermination.


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